16th June 2016


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Nordic Walk With Us prides itself on the quality of the team and variety of different groups available weekly. The variety and abundance of walks would not be possible without the commitment of this dedicated crew. Learn a bit more about how they started and what they are doing now. The paragraphs below give you information about the walks, speed and what the walkers think of their groups. Why not join us?

Team Nordic Walk With Us - Instructors

Group Times – Monday @ 9.30am, Tuesday @ 10.00am, Wednesday @ 10.00am, Thursday @ 10.00am

Roy is a Joke teller, Leg puller, Choir singer, Book clubber, Poetry reader…And a terrific Nordic walking leader!

roy boness

Roy starting Nordic Walking with ReActive8 in Feb 2014. A year later he trained as a leader and then went on to do the Instructors course.

Roy runs 4 regular walks in the week. He has a fondness for Marston, Cranfield and Ampthill and will deliver walks in these areas on a regular basis, alongside walks within Bedford Borough. He also takes groups to “hilly” South 

Beds and an annual trip to Southwold. Roy is well known for adding the social activities that are outside of the walking groups. This includes a book group, theatre trips, and more recently a putting team. We were treated to a poetry Supper Club evening in April.
With ever more ideas we can expect something new to be added I am sure! 

Please visit Roy Boness website

Team Nordic Walk With Us - Leaders

Group Times: Wednesday @ 10.00am – Priory Country Park – Cloverdale cafe

Anne is a great leader and her sense of fun sets the tone for her walks.

I started Nordic Walking in January 2014 after a taster session with Theresa. My aim at first was to use Nordic Walking as another fitness aid to help with my training and preparation for a walk across the top of Spain in April.  The walk was 75 miles which I had to complete in 5 days. anne batchelor

I managed it but found that I wanted to continue walking and then Theresa asked if I would be interested in becoming a Leader.  I jumped at the chance and so took the Nordic Walking Leaders Course followed by a First Aid course which I passed at Level 2. Having been a marathon runner in the past, during which I enjoyed the ‘highs’ that intense running produces, it sadly also produced many joint problems which culminated in major back surgery, operations on both hips and one knee. 

Walking was the only option open to me after that. I needn’t have worried. Following a couple of years as an Assistant Archery Coach, which strengthened my back, I was looking for a substitute for running.  Nordic Walking has provided that.  It can produce a feeling of wellbeing just as much as running, and what nicer way to get and keep fit. 

It enables an enjoyment of scenery (which flashes past when running) and good conversation with fellow walkers. I walk once a week on Wednesday mornings at a fairly fast pace but always willing to walk a slower pace with beginners to bring them on. 

I also organise a monthly longer walk including a stop at a cafe for tea/coffee/cake to make it even more sociable.  These longer walks can take anything up to 2.5 and 3 hours and can cover anything from 6 to 9 miles, although it never seems that long.

Give it a try, I can guarantee you will be surprised.

Anne was the first leader to train for Nordic Walk With Us and took on the group she had joined just a year before. This group still walks with her four years later at Priory Country Park every Wednesday at 10 am.

Anne’s group on a Wednesday has developed greatly over the last four years. We now have at least 10 regular walkers who all seem to share the same sense of humour!! Anne is a sensitive leader, allowing faster walkers to lead from the front, as long as we know where we are going! We are a diverse group with lots of different life experiences some of which get shared over coffee.  If you are looking for a group whose laughter and conversation mean that you do not realize how far you have walked, this group and leader might be for you.  PS We share a large number of twin grandchildren so be warned! However, you are feeling before the walk, you always feel better afterwards. 

NW for me is about fun, fitness and friendship. It has given me all 3 of these things  

Group Times: Thursday @ 9.30am – various rural locations

Kathy’s walks are always varied, interesting and well planned, the group is very sociable and friendly and Kathy makes everyone feel welcome!

I joined the Re-Active8 group in February 2014 with two friends, as I wanted to find an activity that was easy to learn and one that I could enjoy.  After learning the technique, I realised that my posture improved, and I was able to build my core strength which has helped to relieve the arthritis I suffer in both my knees and back.  Being able to find such an enjoyable way of exercising so much of my body was a revelation!

When our Re-Active8 course had finished, the group decided that we would like to continue walking on a Thursday morning in the wonderful countryside we have around Bedford, and we enjoy varying our walks each week.  We have new walkers who have joined the group and I have had the privilege of meeting some lovely, friendly people within North Beds Nordic Walking, which is an added bonus.

I trained to become a leader and take over the Thursday morning group.  We have a mix of speeds within the group and try to accommodate everyone by introducing loops and shortcuts where appropriate.  So anyone who has completed their technical training is very welcome to join us!

This group has now gone from strength to strength and has a waiting list! 

I have met new people and enjoyed being welcomed into fellow walker’s homes for coffee and cake! I enjoy it when I can fit in a couple of walks a week as you really can feel yourself getting fitter, so for anyone who wants to try Nordic walking you won’t regret it and Kathy is an excellent leader.”

Kathy’s walks are always varied, interesting and well planned, the group is very sociable and friendly, and Kathy makes everyone feel welcome whether they are a regular walker or new to the group. We also enjoy a further natter after some walks over a cup of tea and cake which adds further incentive to attend and keep fit.”

 “I discovered Nordic walking over 2 years ago now when myself and some friends including Kathy joined a Re-Activate group. Kathy has since become a leader and organises walks on Thursday mornings throughout the year. Kathy’s walks take us, in the main, out into the countryside where you get a real sense of the outdoors with some fantastic scenery and varying terrains, so we can get a really good workout. The hour goes by very quickly as we can usually catch up on each other’s news!



Group Times: Saturday@ 9.30am – various rural locations

I started NW in Nov 15, and 

have walked with Rachel ever since.It’s a really friendly group, and Rachel chooses interesting and fun routes for us. A thoroughly enjoyable start to my Saturday!” I began Nordic walking in January 2014 when I joined the ReActive8 group as I wanted to get fitter but found exercising difficult, due to back and hip problems.

rachel harpur

Having learned to Nordic ski when I was a student, I found that I picked up the technique quite quickly and thoroughly enjoy being able to be out and about in our beautiful countryside. Gradually I improved my fitness and confidence over the duration of the course and have loved meeting lots of new people through Nordic walking. Having previously been involved in leading and teaching groups of young people in different outdoor pursuits and sports, including hiking, archery and athletics, I was interested in becoming more involved with Nordic Walking. When the opportunity to do the Leaders’ course came about, I jumped at it! 

We are a roving group who meet on Saturdays at 9 am in various locations including Mowsbury, Ashmead and Harrold Country Park and footpaths in North Beds villages. We walk at a medium pace for about an hour, but I can add loops in to cater for walkers of different speeds.

Come and join us if you fancy a change in scenery!

Rachel leads the Saturday groups I usually walk with. She finds interesting places to go, and as a newcomer to both Bedford and Nordic Walking this it is a great way to see the area. Great places, great walks, thank you. D

Group Times: Tuesday @ 7pm Butterfly Bridge

I love walking with Jenny. She sets a good pace so it’s great exercise – but we always have enough room for good conversations as well!

I joined via ReActive8 course Sept 14 and I really enjoyed the course. As well as enjoying the exercise, the social side of being able to chat and meet new people appealed to me also. I got to walk different walks and at places, I didn’t know even existed.

As the groups grow, the leader often spends time with the new people until they get up to speed and I will lead the front with the existing groups making it more accessible to new people.  I did a leader’s course Dec 15, opening up opportunities, to lead and plan walks.  

After spending two years assisting with other walks I have not got a regular slot on Tuesday at 7 pm. I will also be adding #PopUp walks. These will be longer as and when I can add them. Please keep a lookout for times and days. 

Jenny – I tend to walk with Jenny on Tuesday’s and Saturdays and its always interesting, fun and at a good pace for me, Jenny makes the walk interesting and social… terrific.

Group Times: Tuesday @10.30am Priory Country Park – Flagpole

Thank you so much for being so patient yesterday, it gave me back my confidence.  I was dreading it but hope to improve with your very kind help.”

Having previously tried a taster session, then a ReActiv8 course I got the NW ‘bug’.

I’m not a fitness fanatic, but when I retired, I was determined not to become addicted to daytime tv.”
I prefer to walk at a gentle pace and often assists other leaders with mixed ability groups. I
also enjoy walking 1-2-1 or with small groups – who might be returning after some health issues or who are new to the idea of regular exercise – helping them to improve their confidence and stamina.

Cathy is a very easy person to get along with and her friendly demeanour means that she is good with all the different walkers within a group.

Cathy is, therefore, a great asset to a group leader as she can adopt any role, whether it be to welcome new walkers, take the lead or to help the group gel. Cathy also enjoys socialising with the group after the walk and is known to be partial to a bit of cake!”