31st December 2017

Nordic Taster Sessions

Please book your taster and technique via MeetUp!

Please join MeetUp (it takes one minute to do so) and then book your taster through there. We use MeetUp as the booking system for the Taster and Technique sessions as it is a very user friendly and efficient system. It can be accessed on the desktop or a great app to download on your phone. You can manage your booking easily and cancel if you need to. It sends you reminder a day before which is handy too. Don’t be put off if you are the only one booked on as others maybe there that have not used Meetup. Thank you for your cooperation.

Nordic taster sessions are free


Nordic Walking taster sessions in Bedford Park

In addition to the regular sessions added via meetup (recommended) some taster sessions are held on a Tuesday @ 10.00am at The Pavilion Cafe, Bedford Park. These are bespoke taster and technique workshops and then you can filter into a walk at 10am in Bedford known as the UrbanAdventure walks. Info on locations here https://www.nordicwalkwithus.co.uk/this-weeks-walks/

The instructor is Roy and booking is essential. These do not run during school holidays. 

A variety of other taster sessions are available at various times and places via MeetUp. There is also a separate group for ladies only, called ChangedWoman. The CW sessions run on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.

You can contact Roy by emailing roy@nordicwalkwithus.co.uk or info@nordicwalkwithus.co.uk

Thank you

Come and try – before you buy!


What to expect

A Nordic walking taster session can teach you about this form of physical activity which uses a pair of specially designed poles to add to regular walking to turn the regular walk into a workout. Come and see how the poles can help propel you forward and improve your walking ability….helping you to walk faster, for longer and further.

What are taster sessions for?

You will get an insight into the benefits of walking with a pole, in our 30-minute taster sessions. This will help you understand the huge benefits of Nordic walking and why walking with poles can help your posture, back-health, breathing and much more! You can see how light you will feel on your feet, how the whole body is mobilised and why you need to take the time to learn the technique over a few sessions.

Tasters were popular when Nordic walking was a new activity to the UK and not many people knew what it was. They provided us with an opportunity to show you the power of the poles. Tasters are a way of getting all the information you may need before deciding to go ahead and book a technique 4-week course or a technique workshop (over 2 sessions).

Today, people are much happier to just book on to a beginners course as they are aware of the health benefits that are claimed. About 99% of those attending a taster will go on to book a technique course/session which  must be booked in advance.

These are held about once a month in different places around Bedford/Sharnbrook during the Autumn and winter months, when Nordic walking is more popular.  There are course during spring but the summer is often not the best time to learn if it is too hot and weeks may the four week course may be disrupted due to  holidays.

A taster session does not replace a technique session, you will get a feel for walking with the poles but not a formal session to learn the 10 INWA steps. 

Tasters are available to those who wish to come and meet the instructor and ask questions prior to signing up but they are not compulsory. You are not obliged to book onto a technique session following a taster session. Technique courses run over 4 weeks and are not always going be in the same place you attended the taster session. When the technique course has been completed, the fun begins!! 

What do I need to bring?

A flexible walking shoe is needed. Please do not wear everyday shoes with little grip, as wet grass can be very slippery. The ideal shoe is a trainer that has a good grip or a walking shoe which allows your foot flexibility. Walking boots are acceptable  for the taster, if you don’t own a suitable shoe then we can advise you on what to buy if you sign up for the course.

  • We supply the poles for the taster and technique courses.
  • Please leave unnecessary items in the locked boot of the car.

Please AVOID anything tied around the waist or a string bag that flops down from your shoulders, as this can be very distracting for you. You will need to swing your arms and these items can get in the way.

Below are the benefits that can be achieved by taking up Nordic walking. At the end of the of the taster, you should be confident that Nordic walking can deliver them for you

Tasters are the first step to success

Nordic walking will open up so many different pathway for you. It is a great foundation fitness and is so popular because it is sociable and it will introduce  you to many new friends along with beautiful walks in and around Bedford.

When you have successfully learned the technique you can go on rural walks, longer walks, afternoon tea walks and pub walks.

In 2019 there will be the chance to join us on a mini break to Bournemouth. 

Benefits of learning Nordic walking correctly

Nordic Walking is quite unique in that it provides benefits for everybody from those with medical problems to the super fit. Whatever age, fitness level or goal, – Nordic Walking is suitable, effective and enjoyable. There are different sessions for different abilities.

Physical Benefits

  • Tones the upper and body, chest, arms, core, back
  • Uses up to 90% of the skeletal muscles
  • Burns between 20 – 40% more calories than ordinary walking
  • Takes the weight off  knees and lower joints
  • Good form of aerobic exercise
  • Can help to relieve  neck, shoulder and back and knee problems
  • Poles propel the walker along, making it possible to move faster than normal but it makes walking feel easier.
  • It is effective but not competitive 
  • Other Benefits
    • Can be done almost anywhere – It is accessible to most people
    • It appeals to all ages and fitness levels but is delivered in different sessions for different abilities
    • A minimum amount of suitable clothing is required shoes, rucksack etc.
    • It’s very sociable; exercising in a group is more fun and the time goes really quickly
    • It is easy to learn the technique
    • The outdoor gym is on your doorstep and we open the world of walks up to you.