12th June 2016

Learn the Technique

Taster and  INWA 10-Steps technique sessions

Why learn the INWA 10-Steps technique?

The INWA 10-Steps technique cannot be taught during a regular session and must, therefore, be completed before joining a regular group.  Most importantly, the INWA 10-Steps technique must be learned correctly, by a qualified Instructor, in order for you to gain the maximum benefits from using the specially designed poles. If not, you may not get the huge benefits the specially designed poles have to offer.  Being taught from a video, book or friend may result in you taking your poles for a walk, rather than using the specially designed tools to help propel your forward and enable you to walk further, farther and faster.

Most of the year, Roy will meet you for a taster/technique session at his base at The Pavilion in Bedford Park every Tuesday.

A lady looking for evening sessions? Visit ChangedWoman a Bedford Nordic Walking group for women 45+

Learn the  INWA 10-Steps to Nordic Walking. This is the British Nordic Walking technique.

You can find out more about this international technique and the research on the British Nordic Walking website.

INWA 10-Steps method

INWA 10-Steps Nordic Walking

These sessions are bookable in advance and tend to be Workshops run over two to four weeks.

There are exceptions, due to holidays, so please just email him to book on.


Physical Benefits

  • Tones the upper and body, chest, arms, core, back 
  • Uses up to 90% of the skeletal muscles
  • Burns up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking
  • Takes the weight off  knees and lower joints
  • Good form of aerobic exercise
  • Can help to relieve  neck, shoulder and back and knee problems
  • Poles propel the walker along, making it possible to move faster than normal but it makes walking feel easier.
  • It is effective but not competitive

Other Benefits

  • Can be done almost anywhere – It is accessible to most people
  • It appeals to all ages and fitness levels but is delivered in different sessions for different abilities
  • A minimum amount of suitable clothing is required shoes, rucksack etc.
  • It’s very sociable; exercising in a group is more fun and the time goes really quickly
  • It is easy to learn the technique
  • The outdoor gym is on your doorstep and we open the world of walks up to you.

I wanted to find an activity that was easy to learn and one that I could enjoy.  After learning the INWA 10-Steps technique, I realised that my posture improved, and I was able to build my core strength, which has helped to relieve arthritis which  I suffer from in both my knees and back.  Being able to find such an enjoyable way of exercising so much of my body was a revelation!  the group decided to continue walking on a Thursday morning, in the wonderful countryside we have around Bedford, and we enjoy varying our walks each week. 

 I have had the privilege of meeting some lovely, friendly people within Nordic Walk With Us.

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