24th June 2016

History of NWWUs


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The History of Nordic Walk With Us. We pride ourself on the quality of the team and variety of different groups available weekly.The variety and abundance of walks would not be possible without the commitment of this dedicated crew. Learn a bit more about how they started and what they are doing now.

History of Nordic Walk With Us (established March 2012)

After suffering for years with a bad back and having tried everything available medically, Theresa joined a council run Nordic Walking course. This was the start of an amazing journey back to health and fitness and one that has involved hundreds of Bedford people along the way. The journey has been so much fun. Walking with a group is so sociable and good for the soul.

History NWWUs. Theresa and John 2012

Theresa & John 2012

In Sept 2012, the Olympic year, Bedford Borough Council included Nordic walking on the ReActive8/ ReActive8 Gold Rural programme. This was delivered in North Beds Villages by Theresa who is accredited by Nordic Walking UK with a level 2 qualification in Fitness walking and Nordic walking. After the programme ended, people wanted to continue walking, which led to walks being added privately and North Beds Nordic Walking was born.

Margaret 2012

Margaret NBNW first customer

It was a lot of fun walking with Margaret, who was my first customer. She encouraged me to set up on my own. I have such good memories of these days. She was funny, supportive and was so determined. I always enjoyed our chatty walks and laughed a lot.

In June 2013 Theresa was interested in finding out as much as she could about Nordic Walking and decided to train with British Nordic Walking.-and became an accredited INWA Instructor. She also passed REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer/ GP Exercise Referral.


History 2013

Early group fun

In April 2014, when Nordic Walking interest was growing fast in Bedford, Roy Boness, Anne Batchelor and Rachel Harpur trained to be leaders. In June 2014, Roy Boness upgraded his qualification to become a British Nordic Walking accredited Instructor and has gone on to teach Nordic Technique workshops and courses.

Theresa then ran the GP Exercise referral programme for Bedford Borough Council delivering the Nordic Walking from April 2013 until 2016. Due to the number of Parkinson’s Disease sufferers who were helped by using the poles and seeing the massive benefits, she decided to complete a Level 4 in Neurological Disorders at Oxford Brookes University. 

The new name and logo

The Nordic Walk With Us logo. Sociability

Represents a group

As the Team was growing and the walks were being delivered more in Bedford than North Beds villages, it was time for a name change. Nordic Walk With Us represents a team, of dedicated leaders, so we decided the name should reflect that.

We enlisted a professional designer and worked with him to design a logo that depicted what we were about. The O in the logo was designed to show a group of 8 walkers in a circle. It represents being part of something bigger, being held together by the Nordic poles. 


Theresa has stayed with Nordic Walking Uk and has had leaders trained up more leaders to help her deliver the walks. Kathy and Jenny both lead groups.  Leading a group is demanding and is harder than it looks. All leaders are trained by National coaches, to a very high standard and once trained, can then gain the experience needed to lead walks all over Bedfordshire.These leaders cannot teach the technique, which has to be delivered during a separate session, by a qualified instructor, but they are highly skilled at recceing and leading walks, managing a group, catering for different abilities whilst on the move (not an easy task) and providing friendly, interesting conversation!!

NWWU’s has a fantastic team and one that we are very proud of. Together we deliver a whole variety of walks that would not be possible with one Instructor.

Roy is the Instructor that will deliver taster and technique session on a Tuesday at 11.30am from The Pavilion Cafe in Bedford Park. This is ongoing. If you need to do another day please email info@nordicwalkwithus.co.uk. Please stipulate in the initial email times, days and preferred location, when you can walk, which saves a lot of time for us this end with emails. We will endeavour to accommodate your needs. Thank you.

In Feb 2017, Theresa went onto to start-up WalkBedford.com, which delivers Fitness Walking, PowerRings and Nordic Walking. All sessions must be booked online, whereas we still use the card system that has worked so well or us and has given our clients the flexibility to choose their walks. Existing clients did not want to give up this card system but new clients were happy to book online. 

Facebook is now an important way to engage with walkers in Bedford. Please like the page and “share” posts about new courses etc. NWWUs continues to grow and offer more of what you want.

Roy introduced a book club, a putting competition and often takes groups away on day trips, weekends away etc. You can look at the photos here.

I began Nordic walking in January 2014 when I joined the ReActive8 group as I wanted to get fitter but found exercising difficult, due to back and hip problems.Having learned to Nordic ski when I was a student, I found that I picked up the technique quite quickly and thoroughly enjoy being able to be out and about in our beautiful countryside. Gradually I improved my fitness and confidence over the duration of the course and have loved meeting lots of new people through Nordic walking.