Exercise is medicine in motion – Couch potatoes beware

Motion is medicine

The human body is built to move so medicine is motion. That might seem contradictory to an arthritis patient, but exercise is indeed medicine.

Exercise can help to prevent osteoarthritis and it can also certainly have positive effects for those already living with the condition.

In the past doctors had a tendency towards inactivity by advising patients to stay off their feet. They seemed to accept osteoarthritis as part of the ageing process and that exercise just made things worse by speeding up cartilage destruction. As for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, doctors believe that joint jilting exercise to do nothing but to get information on flare-ups the healing power of movement but now accept they were so wrong. Fortunately, science has had the last word on the subject as it is proven that exercise is good medicine for arthritis sufferers as study after study has shown that moderate activity does not damage joint to worsen arthritis pain, in fact,

regular exercise is one of the best therapies for relieving joint pain and also improves many other health problems.

FACT: Inactivity leads to weight gain that puts extra strain on the joints.

FACT: Excess weight hurts. Every extra pound of weight you gain will put 4-8lbs more stress and strain onto your knees and hips.

Exercise is one of the pillars of the take charge philosophy, it not only it’s not the only for weight loss but it’s vital for anyone living with arthritis but also essential to the health of your joints


source: Reader’s Digest Health Solutions – Taking Charge Of Arthritis



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