Sandy, Bedfordshire

Sandy, Bedfordshire

Sandy, Bedfordshire, was my home for a few years in the 1990’s and I enjoyed all the surrounding countryside. My experience was that Sandy, Bedfordshire, had a different “feel” about it than Bedford Borough, maybe because it was more traditionally a market gardening area and many of the smallholdings still remain in the Potton area. In 2012, Sandy was the first Bedfordshire town to be accredited with the Walkers Are Welcome Status.

Sandy ,Bedfordshire has a very small market town centre. It neighbours Biggleswade, which is larger and has a wider variety of shops and a leisure centre etc, whereas Sandy has the very basic shops needed for a small market town. The last time I visited the parking was free, so you could easily nip into Budgens or the bakery. It has a library alongside a couple of charity shops.
There are a couple of pubs a great cafe and it still has a market day, where you can buy fresh fruit and veg.

Sandy has expanded twice. Once in the 1970’s when the Sunderland Road estate was built taking in the  London overspill and more recently Fallowfield which is a commuter estate with its close proximity to the A1. It also has a railway station which makes travelling into London easy. The facilities in the town have not expanded to accommodate a larger population. Some of the shops have closed in recent years.

If you drive out of Sandy Easterly towards Cambridge you will pass Potton, Everton, and Gamglingay. Here you will soon find some beautiful places to walk and some fine houses dotted along the way.

Firstly, you will come across the Caesars Camp (the Sandhills) a name that is associated with the Roman history of the town. This provides a great lookout point for this small town. There are hills to run up and down, so popular with families with small children. There is an area the opposite side of Cambridge Road, which is popular with BMX bikers as it is a bowl shape and is great fun for bikers.

Further along, the road towards Cambridge is The Lodge, RSPB headquarters. This reserve is called The Lodge, named after the stunning building which was built as a private house for Sir William Peel, son of the former Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel. There is a car parking charge, but free if you are an RSPB member. There are a variety of trials which provide peace and tranquillity in the is a wooded area, which is sandy underfoot providing a soft, comfortable path to walk on. There are a few slopes to get your heart rate up and it can be cycled through easily. There is a small café and a garden where you can have a picnic, providing a nice day out if you are in the area.

The long-distance walk called the Greensands Ridge which is 40 miles long, passes through Sandy from Sweden along the river Ivel to Beeston. It starts at Gamlingay and makes its way across Bedfordshire to Leighton Buzzard.

Walks near Sandy, Bedfordshire

Beautiful day-out walking: Nordic walks on the Greensands Ridge.Bedfordshire

If you can Nordic walk and have evidence you have learned correctly, you can come and explore the beautiful walks in  Bedfordshire by booking onto one of our PopUp walks.

This walk in September is for experienced walkers who can sustain a 3.5-mile pace. Other walks are available monthly. Look out for one that suits you or get in touch to tell us what you are looking for so we can let you know.

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