The Importance of drinking water during summer

It’s good for you

We are forever being told that it is an extremely important part of our lives to drink plenty of water. This is, of course, true. The human body is made up of over 90% of our body weight is water, and drinking regularly benefits your mental, physical and emotional health.

two people drinking water on a hot day

People staying hydrated on a hot day

During the sizzling summer months, after an extended period of exercise or even just a long time in the sun, your body will have sweat out a lot of water, and to be replacing it is very important. Whether it is from a bottle, tap or even your local spring, you really need to get water into your body as regularly as possible. This article is going to describe why drinking water regularly is important to your health, and why you should take extra care during the summer months.

How much should I drink?

Most recommendations are 2 Litres per day, this is four 500ml bottles or pint glasses, or one large 2l bottle. This should be regularly split throughout the day. There is an application called Medsafe, which can be used to set reminders to drink. The application is meant for medication but works just the same for water.

What are the benefits?

Increased Energy – Your brain is mainly made up of water, and as that water starts to leave throughout the day.


Person drinking water

Person drinking water

Caffeine and Sugar-Free – Too many drinks out there are laden with caffeine and sugar. Water is not one of them. You can drink as much water as you like, but it will not impact your health unless you drink over 6 litres, and then you could drown yourself.



Saves you money – Water is free, or ridiculously cheap. From the tap, you’re paying about 0.3p for a class of water. A bottle of spring water costs anywhere between 20p and £1, and it is given away for free, by law, in bars, clubs and restaurants.

Fizzy Drinks


sugar in bowl

Sugar – Prominent in many unhealthy drinks

In the hot weather, it is all too tempting to pick up a Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper or a 35p Energy Drink, but it is important to remember that these can be damaging to your health, especially when consumed regularly. The prominent levels and sugar and other sweeteners have been linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease and even some types of cancer.


Written by Sam Saunders of the DM ME Blog

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