Spring has sprung in Felmersham

Spring is here at Felmersham Nature Reserve!

Over the past few years, I have been running Nordic walking groups in Bedfordshire. Prior to this, I may have been led to believe, that we lived in an unremarkable place. I now have the opposite

"Spring is in the air" and its mating season at Felmersham Nature Reserve

One of the may “cocks” and “hens” on the water

aAfelled tree at Felmersham Nature Reserve

A beauty all of its own

opinion as I have now since learned, that we are incredibly lucky to reside in Bedford (and beyond) and feel it’s my job to show my walkers the beauty that I have discovered on our doorstep. As part of my week, I walk to find suitable places to take my groups. Over the years I have enjoyed the recce walks, with the dog. I have many favourite places and one of my much-loved, open spaces to walk locally is Felmersham Nature Reserve, managed efficiently, by the Wildlife Trust.This week, I went for a stroll around the former pits, which are packed with wading birds, other forms of wildlife and fallen trees – which add a beauty of their own to this tranquil paradise made up of small lakes.

Nature is Priceless

It was heartwarming to see the birds had paired up for mating season. First to catch my eye were two geese, that were making a bit of a commotion. I looked over to see a male and female on the water. The male was in full swing, flapping away to impress the female. The water was glistening as the sun beamed down onto it, a sunny day following a cold snap. It was a magical moment, that I was so honoured to witness. I must admit, after spying on the geese, a pair of swans, a pair of graceful grebe and a few ducks, I felt a bit of a gooseberry. The lone Heron, stood tall, looking mysteriously onto the lake and certainly didn’t seem troubled to be the only one without a love interest.

A truly blissful countryside walk at Felmersham Nature Reserve

Tree lined walk which circles the lake.

The mesmerising reflection on the tranquil lake at Felmersham

The best things in life are free. What a beautiful place to be

Volunteering is rewarding

For anyone who is interested in volunteering, this would be a rewarding place to start. My Friday group, that originated as a council course, is now based in North Beds. We meet at 9am and walk in various locations. If you are interested getting into Nordic walking, why not join us? We are a friendly bunch.

A new time-slot will be added soon at the later time of 10.45am every Friday. This will have Sharnbrook as a base, but you can progress onto the earlier one for other locations when you have learned the technique.

If you want to book a taster session, please book here. Other dates available in Bedford.

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