Team members Anne Batchelor; Who’s Who at NWWU?

The walkers at Nordic Walk With Us are really loyal to their leaders. I will be doing a blog post on each group over the next few weeks. 

I will start with Anne as she is lucky enough to be at the beginning the alphabet and was also the first leader to train up to lead her group.   

Anne Batchelor 

Anne is a great leader and her sense of fun sets the tone for her walks. E


Anne and Derek at the Christmas party 2016

Anne and Derek

This group meets, Wednesday @ 10.00am – Priory Marina. ( The group always stays for a cuppa at Cloverdale Retreat.)

 I  started Nordic Walking in January 2014 after a taster session with Theresa.  My aim at first was to use Nordic Walking as another fitness aid to help with my training and preparation for a walk across the top of Spain in April.  The walk was 75 miles which I had to complete in 5 days. 

I managed it but found that I wanted to continue walking and then Theresa asked if I would be interested in becoming a Leader.  I jumped at the chance and so took the Nordic Walking Leaders Course followed by a First Aid course which I passed at Level 2. Having been a marathon runner in the past, during which I enjoyed the ‘highs’ that intense running produces, it sadly also produced many joint problems which culminated in major back surgery, operations on both hips and one knee. 

Walking was the only option open to me after that.  I needn’t have worried. Following a couple of years as an Assistant Archery Coach, which strengthened my back, I was looking for a substitute for running.  Nordic Walking has provided that.  It can produce a feeling of wellbeing just as much as running, and what nicer way to get and keep fit. 

It enables an enjoyment of scenery (which flashes past when running) and good conversation with fellow walkers.I walk once a week on Wednesday mornings at a fairly fast pacebut always willing to walk a slower pace with beginners to bring them on. 

I also organise a monthly longer walk including a stop at a cafe for tea/coffee/cake to make it even more sociable.  These longer walks can take anything up to 2.5 and 3 hours and can cover anything from 6 to 9 miles, although it never seems that long.

Give it a try, I can guarantee you will be surprised.

Anne was the first leader to train for Nordic Walk With Us and took on the group she had joined just a year before. This group still walks with her four years later at Priory Country Park every Wednesday at 10 am. 




Anne's group on a summer walk 2016

A lovely smiley bunch.

Anne’s group on a Wednesday has developed greatly over the last four years. We now have at least 10 regular walkers who all seem to share the same sense of humour!! 

Anne is a sensitive leader, allowing faster walkers to lead from the front, as long as we know where we are going!.We are a diverse group with lots of different life experiences some of which get shared over coffee.  If you are looking for a group whose laughter and conversation mean that you do not realize how far you have walked, this group and leader might be for you.  PS We share a large number of twin grandchildren so be warned!! L


However you are feeling before the walk, you always feel better afterwards. 

                                              NW for me is about fun. fitness and friendship. It has given me all 3 of these things 



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