Pre Christmas Nordic walk

Nordic Walk from Bromham Mill on a cold, damp December day

Nordic Walk with Us is a Nordic Walking group with a team of Instructors and leaders offering a variety of walks in the Bedford and North Beds area. Today, six of the regular group turned for a walk from Bromham Mill cafe.

We had a lovely, pacey walk and covered nearly 4 miles. Whilst walking, I asked everyone their motivation for coming out on a miserable cloudy day. Today was one of those days when the cold really gets into your bones if you stand still too long.(…lucky we don’t stand still). Once we started walking, we got too hot….its always the way!!

The group members told me how important the weekly walks are for a whole host of reasons. Reasons like; walking with friends, getting a pulse-raising walk to increase core temperature which gives them a sense of wellbeing, seeing the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside on foot and of course belonging to a group of like-minded people, who you can go to the cafe with.

What would be your motivation for joining a Nordic Walking group?

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A Team Effort!





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